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Anthracite Privacy Panel, 3.28 ft (1 m)

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The 1M (3.28 ft) horizontal slat privacy panel from the Ombréa VS collection can be installed on your Ombréa bioclimatic pergolas, both attached and freestanding, from the VS collection and previous collections starting from 2021.

As an independent unit, it is possible to position up to three side by side. Customize your pergola as you wish, create an angle, or partially or fully close the 3M side with three panels.

Sold individually, this fixed non-sliding accessory with non-adjustable slats allows for optimal lighting, ventilation, and shading during sunny hours. You will appreciate a significant reduction in visibility for more privacy. The horizontal slats also provide lateral protection against the weather.

Made of aluminum, it will durably withstand various weather conditions without risk of rust. Easy to install, it also adds a modern and aesthetic touch to your Ombréa bioclimatic pergola.


  • Protects from weather, sunlight, and prying eyes
  • Independent for installation wherever you want
  • Made of high-quality aluminum, robust, lightweight, rustproof, maintenance-free
  • Easy to install

Technical Characteristics


93x10x233.5 cm (36.61x3.94x91.93 in)


15 kg (33.07 lb)

Blade dimensions (LxWxH)

88.5x7.5x1.5 cm (34.84x2.95x0.59 in)

Adjustable foot height (min-max)

28.5 - 46 mm (1.12 - 1.81 in)


Frame: aluminum

Aluminum thickness

1 - 1.3 mm (0.04 - 0.05 in)

Anthracite gray - close to RAL 7015

White - close to RAL 9016

Screws and hardware

Stainless steel, galvanized steel


2 years

⚠ To find out if this louvered panel is compatible with your pergola model, please make sure to consult the "Our Advice" section of the pergola model you own or wish to purchase.

*The pergola is sold separately

** See the list of compatible pergolas in the "Our Advice" tab

Our advice

Please note that there will be a gap of 116 cm (4.6 in), corresponding to the dimension of a post, between the last panel and the wall of your house during a full closure (3 panels) on the sides of an attached pergola.

We advise you to purchase your accessories at the same time as your pergola, so that you can install them together.

If you install your accessories after the pergola has been fixed to the ground, we ask you to verify with a level that your pergola is perfectly level and that the posts are square and positioned at 90 degrees.

*Notice available on request via the contact form

List of Compatible Pergolas



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15-728172 White Bioclimatic Pergola, 10x13 ft (3x4 m), Manual
15-728226 Two-Tone Bioclimatic Pergola, 10x13 ft (3x4 m), Manual
15-728127 Anthracite Bioclimatic Pergola, 10x13 ft (3x4 m), Manual
15-721104 Two-Tone Bioclimatic Pergola, 10x13 ft (3x4 m), Motorized
15-721005 Anthracite Bioclimatic Pergola, 10x13 ft (3x4 m), Motorized
15-721272 Two-Tone Bioclimatic Pergola, 13x13 ft (4x4 m), Motorized

Package Information

Dimensions Weight
Package 1

242 x 24.5 x 12.3 cm (95.28 x 9.65 x 4.84 in)

17 kg (37.48 lb)