Ombrea® is committed to assisting you and ensuring your satisfaction following your purchase.

I verify that my product meets the warranty conditions


Our products comply with current regulations and standards and are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects. We guarantee the quality of the products provided that they are installed according to the rules and in accordance with our assembly instructions and used under normal operating conditions. Spare parts are guaranteed available for a duration of 5 years for Ombrea bioclimatic pergolas and for a duration of 2 years for Ombrea accessories, based on the purchase date indicated on the invoice.

Before you install your product, we ask you:

  • To store your goods sheltered from rain, humidity, sunlight, in a ventilated area, on a stable and level surface.
  • To perform an inventory of the parts using the nomenclature from the assembly instructions. In case of missing parts or anomalies, you must make a request within 30 days following delivery using our contact form.
  • To carefully read the assembly instructions

The warranty only applies if the storage, assembly, usage, and maintenance instructions are followed.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear inherent to the products.
  • The loss or breakage of any part during unpacking or installation.
  • Lack of reasonable care, negligence, vandalism, impacts with foreign objects, use of force, contact with abrasives, aesthetics, dismantling, rebuilding or relocation.
  • Lack of maintenance, roofs and gutters must always be clean and require special attention to maintain their watertightness, free from leaves or snow. Hardware parts must be regularly oiled and at least once a year.
  • Major forces: hail, strong winds and storms, snow, floods, lightning...
  • Products modified by the Buyer (without prior consultation and approval by Ombrea®).

If these prescriptions are not followed, Ombrea®'s liability cannot be engaged. In the event that a product sold by Ombrea® is recognized as defective or non-compliant by Ombrea® services, the warranty only involves the pure and simple replacement of the spare part or the provided product, excluding all costs and compensation of any kind. All indirect damage is excluded from our responsibility. Any product return carried out before the preliminary implementation of our customer service procedure and approval, will not bind us under warranty. Any costs for installation, removal, travel, or shipping are not covered. Replacement will only occur identically within the limits of productions and stock availability. Otherwise, we are only obligated to replace with an equivalent.

I submit my customer service request using the contact form

All warranty requests must be made using our website: contact form

Before submitting your request, please gather all necessary elements. You will notably need:

  • Proof of purchase of the product, for example: invoice or purchase confirmation by email
  • Product reference number, which is found on your purchase confirmation or on your invoice and starts with 15-7xxxxx
  • Reference numbers of the presumed defective parts, numbers found in the product manual and that start with a letter of the alphabet.
  • Photos showing these claims, (2/3 photos from several views).

If all items are compliant, we will send you the replacement part.

Any incomplete, unclear, or late file will not allow the implementation of the warranty.

The presumed defective parts must be kept available for inspection by the manufacturer. Only one shipment under warranty per product per customer will be processed. If all items are compliant, we will send you the replacement part.

Ombrea® is committed to responding as quickly as possible to customer service requests after receiving the complete file.