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Bioclimatic pergola, what are the prices?

A bioclimatic pergola is an installation that allows you to fully enjoy your outdoor space all year round by sheltering you from the weather. If you are considering installing a bioclimatic pergola in your yard, evaluate the cost of your investment according to your needs and preferences. Whether they are with adjustable slats, in kit form, custom-made, attached, or freestanding, the prices of bioclimatic pergolas vary greatly depending on the type of structure you select.

Prices vary depending on the measurements

The cost will also vary depending on the dimensions you select. Indeed, bioclimatic pergolas in kit form are available in several sizes to fit the available space in your yard. At Ombrea, you will find a wide selection of products, and the price generally increases with the size of the structure.

Why invest in a bioclimatic pergola

If you own a restaurant or a brewery, installing a bioclimatic pergola can increase your seating capacity by adding extra seats and creating a comfortable space. This structure offers sun protection and shelters your customers from the weather all year round. By calculating the profits generated by each additional table, you can estimate the time it will take for the investment in the pergola to be fully amortized.

If you have a terrace at your home and wish to extend it to enjoy it with your family or friends, no matter the weather, opting for a bioclimatic pergola is an excellent idea. Installing such a structure in your garden, whether it is attached to the walls of your house or independent, placed wherever you desire, will automatically increase the value of your property. The aluminum structure, unlike a removable gazebo, offers a modern design that enhances the contemporary character of your home while providing effective protection against weather hazards.

What elements to add to my bioclimatic pergola?

You can add numerous accessories to your bioclimatic pergola for even more comfort. Indeed, a bioclimatic pergola including all the different options will have a more interesting cost if you opt for a bioclimatic pergola in kit form, which has the advantage of good value for money.

You also have the option to customize your bioclimatic pergola with various options according to your preferences. By adding side blinds, with prices ranging between $599 CAD and $799 CAD including taxes depending on the dimensions and your budget, you protect yourself from the wind and increase your privacy. These sliding blinds, wind-resistant, make your pergola more modular. For a more economical option, you can opt for the addition of a slatted panel, which acts as a sunshade and will cost you an average of $399 CAD. Although these panels are not removable, they also provide protection against the wind, sun, and prying eyes.

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