Elegance and Innovation: Discover the Free-Standing Bioclimatic Pergola by Ombréa®

The freestanding bioclimatic pergola from Ombrea, with its autonomous and modular design, transforms any outdoor space into a place of comfort and style. Whether installed in the garden or by the pool, this pergola allows for extensive customization. Its adjustable aluminum slats control ventilation and brightness, creating various atmospheres from cozy to zen, according to preferences.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Flexible in its setup, the bioclimatic pergola adapts to all types of outdoor spaces. The ability to choose its orientation maximizes solar exposure and protection against the elements, ensuring pleasant use regardless of the weather conditions.

Unmatched Outdoor Comfort

Ombrea's bioclimatic pergolas are known for their ability to provide unmatched outdoor comfort all year round. Their design not only protects from rain but also offers a refreshing breeze during hot summer days, thanks to the adjustable slats that efficiently manage air and light.

Installation Considerations

However, their installation requires a solid foundation to ensure optimal stability. Whether the setup is planned on an existing terrace or requires the creation of a new surface, this may represent an additional aspect to consider when planning the project.

Additional Benefits

Although located outside and thus separate from the house, these pergolas enrich the living space by offering a privileged place to relax and entertain, even though they do not provide direct access to the inside of the home. Moreover, unlike attached structures, they do not directly affect the temperature of indoor rooms but focus on the comfort of the outdoor space itself.


In summary, Ombrea's freestanding bioclimatic pergola represents a significant advancement for outdoor enthusiasts looking to combine aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. Its innovative design and climate regulation capabilities make it a preferred choice for those aspiring to superior quality of life outdoors.